Beat Head drums

Solid wood for solid sound

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Beat Head Drums for sale.

BHD Exotic wood series 13"x5"

New Zealand  Kauri  inner segment, and  Black Oak  shell,with Beech bearing edges.Great snare for studio work and live  work, snare sounds  medium tone with warm over tones. 

 Price   4495 Sek 

BHD Exotic wood series 10"x 6"

This Shell made of  New Zealand Rimu, This snare has a big sound and deep tone for size.   

price 1850 sek

BHD Exotic wood series 14"x6"

Shell made of New Zealand swamp Kauri / African Padauk and beech bearing edges.Would make a great jazz snare and also studio snare,snare likes low tuning range and has a lovely deep tone.This NZ ancient swamp Kauri wood is at least 1000 yrs old and older I bought back from NZ couple years ago...a very special wood.

Please contact me for more details [email protected]  or Trumslagare​ 


    Price 7590 Sek

Exotic wood series 14"x7"                                                                                                                      Snare shell is made of New Zealand Rimu ,with Mahogany bearing edges,snare has very warm tone,with depth.

 please contact me for more details [email protected]

  Price 6500 sek

​ Road King 13"x6"

​ Keller Maple shell /Mahogany bearing edges.

​ Price 1700 sek