Beat Head drums

Solid wood for solid sound

Different BHD drum series

Beat Head Drums produce three series of shells Road King ,signature series & exotic wood series. All BHD drums are hand made and not mass produced, every drum is different .Below you will find a description of all three.

Road King series.

Road King series drums are made of Americian Keller ply Maple VVS shells.

These shells have hard wood bearing edges.Made in Oak or Mahogany and somtimes Birch.This gives the drum more attack and a more defined tone.


BHD also uses this series to make Bass drums and toms .The hard wood bearing edges really does make the difference, on these nice ply shells..!

Signature series

Segmented solid wood shells.

BHD signature series are solid wood segmented shell made in three different hard woods Oak,Mahogany & Birch in different combinations.

Dynamic sounding tone...being a solid wood shell drum has great attack with a warm after tone.

When one plays a solid wood shell, you hear it`s solid

wood, these shells simply have more depth in sound.

BHD Exotic series

Segmented solid wood shells.

Exotic wood series are solid hard wood shells made from special exotic

woods from around the world , New Zealand Rimu,Purple heart ,Bubinga

Australian Jara(often in different combinations) to name a few..the bearing

edges are made from Oak and Mahogany.

These drums have a special tone ,It all depends on type of wood being used, not one drum sounds a like. A truly unique musical instrument.

We produce a very limited number of these shells a year depending on availability of wood.