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Solid wood for solid sound

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Here is a short intro to give you an idea what we are about here at Beat Head Drums.

Beat Head Drums started its life in 2007 in Vattholma, Sweden. A small company specialized in snare drum making.

Our goal is to produce one of a kind unique musical instruments, where quality and sound come first. We are proud to say that every step in producing a BHD drum shell is 100% handmade from start to finish. From selection of wood to BHD logo.

Our snare drums are made of segmented solid wood, less glue and more wood leads to a pure clean tonal quality that only solid wood can produce. This construction gives the drum a wide tuning range depending on choice of drum heads.

BHD looks forward to working with drummers and musicians in the pursuit of great sound, and a passion for music.

Segmented wood shells

Hand selected wood cut ready for glueing.

Shell being worked on turner

All BHD hard wood shells are turned by

hand .making every BHD drum unique.

BHD Exotic wood series.

Shell 100% hand made.